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Warcraft Quest

- Warcraft Leveling

  • World of Warcraft Gold Secrets of the Goblin Traders

    World of Warcraft Goblin

    From the World of Warcraft Gold Guide and Journal of Marcus Ty – World of Warcraft Mage of Stormwind. The Goblins are a strange – and some say, deranged – race that have managed to co-exist with both Horde and Alliance factions in many lands, relying on both their trade and engineering skills to barter […]

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    Warcraft Ship in Port

    World of Warcraft is full of secrets, easter eggs, hidden areas, and clever ways to make gold that few players know about. Some help you get rare pets, some let you see hidden content or lore, and some just help you make a few extra gold. Here are the Top 9 WoW Secrets. 9. The Chicken […]

  • WoW First Aid Guide

    Being able to heal yourself is one very desirable skill in Warcraft and therefore one of the best secondary professions to have is First Aid. The following WoW First Aid guide will share some tips and advice on this profession. First Aid is fantastic for any class, even healers, because of its potential to reduce […]

  • World Of Warcraft Quests

    When playing the online game World of Warcraft you need to get to know some of the basics about the world and the game play that it allows. It offers multiple professions for the characters and each one of these have certain unique benefits that can be studied and mastered. When finding wow quests to […]

  • World of Warcraft Strategy Guides for Horde & Alliance

    Here is a basic WoW strategy guide. Play your character rested whenever possible. Rested characters get twice as many experience points (XP) from killing any mobs that you encounter. By building up your character’s rested bonus to the maximum level over a couple of days, you can potentially finish several quests and collect the double […]

  • Breaking out of Coldridge Valley


    This is some help for people starting out in World of Warcraft as a Dwarf in Coldridge Valley.  If you’re like me, when you start a new role-playing-game, then you very soon just want to get out there, explore, and immerse yourself in the completely new world.  The World of Warcraft is really exciting for […]

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    zygoreThumb Zygor Guides has been providing high quality products for World of Warcraft gamers for over 3 years now. Since starting in late 2006, Zygor Guides has grown rapidly to become the number one best selling World of Warcraft guide publisher on the market, with a very firm grasp on the majority of the market […]

If you’re new to playing a Druid, you’re new to shapeshifting. Today, I’m going to break down the various forms that Druid gets while leveling up, what their uses are and how they’re unique compared to other forms. Here we go! Humanoid Form This, as you can probably guess, is the standard form that you […]

Posted by Rob

So what is World of Warcraft Stormwind and how important is it to the game itself and will a Wow levelling guide help you in regard to Stormwind. Well as all of us who play the game know that Stormwind stands as the last bastion of Human power in Azeroth. Rebuilt after the Second War, […]

Posted by Rob

The Darkspear Trolls is one of the Horde factions in the massively multi-player online role-playing game World of Warcraft (WoW). Gaining reputation with them is a process much like gaining reputation with other WoW races: accomplishing quests, repeated cloth turn-ins and running the Alterac Valley battleground. Quests Step 1 Create a troll or orc character, […]

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Whether Alliance or Horde, you’ll need to find the sometimes elusive NPC’s to train your cooking skill starting from 0 up to the limit of 450. This guide will tell you everything you need to know from the first time you train cooking until you train your Grandmaster cooking skill. Before starting the WoW cooking […]

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We have seen many mysteries here in this real world like the things we can’t explain or anything that is beyond on our imagination. In WoW, you’ll encounter many mysteries in which each dungeon will help you enhance your capabilities and help you to master each skills you have and level up your character. Taking […]

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If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for any period of time, then you’re probably aware of the many different roles that Druids can excel at. Druids can fill any necessary role when doing dungeons or group quests in WoW, due to the fact that they have three very different talent specializations to choose from. […]

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Wrath of the Lich King in World of Warcraft will introduce players to many different flight points. This is one of the most popular topics when a new expansion is released by Blizzard Entertainment. In this helpful and informative guide, you will be introduced to the various flight points that will be available to players […]

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Starting in Coldridge valley in Dun Morogh the Dwarfs immediately benefit from using ranged skills against the local beasts and trolls. In a starting area that really does benefit from “standing well back,” it is possible for Dwarfs to level up quite quickly. Ironforge is the second most popular racial base for Alliance on most […]

Posted by Rob

A great way to earn gold in World of Warcraft for players new to the game and still at a low level is to farm wool cloth. This is still a great technique for both Horde and Alliance characters alike from Level 15 and above and without the need to train in the Tailoring profession. […]

Posted by Rob

Tech head Gnomes originate in Coldridge Valley with the Dwarfs. It is perhaps because these races share this area that Ironforge continue to have an active role and decent population on most servers. Coldridge, with its mix of beasts and humanoid mobs is best suited to ranged attacks. However, rogues offer a decent second choice, […]

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In World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King, there will be several new zones added for your game playing satisfaction. The game creators have worked diligently at creating a more “user friendly” access when it comes to entering certain areas within each zone. Currently, there is quite a bit of information available regarding these […]

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In ‘World of Warcraft’ there are two factions; Alliance and Horde. This is a beginner’s guide for those who have chosen to play as the Alliance. In the alliance you have a choice of playing as the Draenei, Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans or Night elves. Each race has its own advantages and racial abilities that make […]

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Like cooking, fishing is a free secondary skill in World of Warcraft. This Horde fishing guide will help you advance your fishing skill as quickly as possible. Fishing and cooking skills go well together and you can level up much more quickly with both skills at the same time. You must know that your fishing […]

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Night Elves start off in Shadowglen, which is basically an area of a tree called Teldrassil. Out of the way of the main trade routes, the capital Darnassus is often quite a lonely place to be. However, the Sabres, which are the racial mounts of night elves are very popular with other Alliance races, so […]

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